Capstone College is a small 501(c)3 nonprofit school established in 1929.

Since the early 1960s we have placed a special emphasis on serving our students at a cost they can afford.

Toward that end, we have pioneered innovative instructional methods and school management techniques such as Individualized Mastery Learning, a multi-sensory, self-paced learning environment in which the schedule and curriculum are adjusted to the needs of each individual student, rather than the student fitting into the school's arbitrary schedule. In order to maximize the effectiveness of Individualized concepts, we also produced our own instructional products to serve not only our own students, but those of many other schools as well.

Now we bring this innovative spirit to the Internet, to meet your needs, on your terms.

Traditional schools bring courses to the Internet, but you must still fit into their schedule. Courses begin and end at specific times, and -- in spite of your family and work schedule -- you must fit into theirs.

At Capstone, however, you may begin your selected course at any time, and complete it at your own pace, whether that means 5 weeks or 15 weeks!

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